Bass Guitar Lessons with Music Legend Tony Tantillo 

learn-bass-guitarIt’s not everyday that a professionally touring bass musician is giving out private lessons to up and coming coming students, but that is just what is happening with the Tony Tantillo 2016 lesson giveaway.

Tantillo is a best selling bass guitarist who has appeared at the top of the bass charts on multiple CD releases throughout his career, but now he wants to help encourage students to stick with their bass guitar by offering his time for free for three lucky high school students.

Program Details

 This program is designed for high school students who play bass guitar and are looking to continue their education in the instrument.

If you send an original bass song that you have written to the Tony Tantillo Foundation, we will select three students for the winning prize. As a winner, each student will a get a private one-hour lesson with Tony Tantillo.

Each student will get a round trip plane ticket to New York City to have dinner with Tony and get their lesson.

This is not something that you will want to miss, so get out your guitar and freshen up your riffs. This is a golden opportunity to learn bass guitar from one of the greats.

Program Requirements 

As was mentioned above, a video submission of a bass song that is original to you must be submitted to the Tantillo Foundation to be considered.

In order to get the most from lessons with Tony, each student should have a basic understand of bass musical notation including the bass clef, bass scales and bass chords.

If you do not have a basic understand of these things, you might not get the full benefit of a private lesson with Tony. Tony is a classically trained bass guitar player, and his system for bass guitar instruction is systematic and thorough, and it heavily relies on music theory.

Bonus Bass Lessons For Every Applicant

Although Tony wishes he could give every one of the applicants a private bass lesson, his time is incredibly limited, as his tour schedule books out months in advanced.

But, he wanted to give something to each and every student who submits a video application to his foundation. Every student who submits an original bass song will receive a copy of Tony’s Bass Guitar for Beginners Book.

This book is a full introductory bass guitar course that comes with videos, instructions, and everything you will need to get your feet wet and learn the bass guitar.

He will show you how he learned bass guitar; he will go over the basics of bass music theory including scales and chords. Every book comes with a full bass guitar chord chart in the form of a poster. This lets students have a cool poster that they can hang in their room to help them learn the chords as they go along.

All applicants will receive the basic course. All winners will receive Tony’s full how to learn the bass guitar online course series—in addition to their private lesson.

What are you waiting for? Start practicing now!